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Aerobics is a specific type of exercise which is usually performed at a moderate to high intensity for an extended period of time. The exercise is intended to maintain an increased heart rate for its duration.

Aerobics is particularly popular in fitness clubs and gyms where you can usually find an aerobics class running. Aerobics classes will generally involve repeated rapid steps and movements, usually to music with an instructor determining the steps.

Running is inexpensive, and can be performed indoors or outdoors, it is natural to all children, and cuts across cultural differences, and can be continued across the whole lifespan.

Exercise regimens that begin at a young age are more effective in promoting longevity and health than those begun later in life. As children become older, there is a strong tendency for them to participate less in physical activity, so start early.

Aerobics is undertaken in order to improve fitness, burn up calories, shape the body, strengthen physical well-being, and to keep fit. Therefore it is of benefit to all abilities. A little exercise is better than none at all.

Aerobic exercise has long been a popular form of weight loss and physical fitness. Benefits include strengthening the respiratory muscles for better air flow in and out of the lungs; strengthening the heart muscle - this helps to reduce the resting heart rate; tones muscles throughout the whole of the body; better circulation of oxygen in the body due to increased red blood cells in the body. Tennis and jogging are good examples of aerobi exercise.

There are different types of aerobics such as Circuit-Aerobics (combining circuit training with aerobic exercise); Step-Aerobics (uses an elevated platform or step and exercise centres around the use of this step); Aqua-Aerobics (aerobic exercise which takes place in the water); Dance-Aerobics (which is more centred around dance steps than the routine movements of general aerobics) and Slide-Aerobics (which involves sliding from side to side, generally wearing special slide socks)

Low-impact - This exercise keeps at least one foot on the ground (or something which at least touches the ground) at all times. High-impact - This exercise involves having both feet off the ground sometimes, i.e. running or jumping of some sort.

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Most aerobics classes cost from a few pounds, you will need suitable footwear and comfortable clothes. Also, an aerobics mat is sometimes beneficial if your class doesn't provide one.

Level of Demand
The table below shows the maximum levels of demand that this activity requires. NOTE: These are not entry levels or levels of requirement and has nothing to do with ability.

  The level of energy that could be required Energy  
  The level of demand that could be required by your arms Arms  
  The level of demand that could be required by your legs Legs  
  The level of demand that could be required by your sight. Sight  
  The level of demand that could be required by your hearing. Hearing  
  The level of demand that could be required by your speech. Speech  
  The level of demand of Cerebral Learning that could occur as a direct consequence of absorbing factual information. Learning  

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