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Hornussen is a traditional game of Switzerland, played by two teams of eighteen players. Hornussen is easiest explained as a cross between golf and baseball.

The sport of hornussen is largely confined to Switzerland. The earliest reference to Hornuss is found in records of 1625. In 1988 there were 232 clubs in the Federal Hornussen association, with around 6,900 members.

The hornussen field has a launch base at one end, followed by a 100 metre dead zone. Followed by a catching area which is divided into 20 sections each 10 metres deep. The catching area starts at 8 metres wide, widening to 14 metres.

Not an activity recommended for young children, because of the dangers from the very fast flying puck.

To play hornussen successfully a player needs keen eyesight and hearing. The sport gets its name from the puck used. (Called a Hornuss or hornet in English) on account of the noise it makes as it whizzes through the air, when hit.

The striker swings the whip and hits the puck, to send it the field at a speed of up to 200 miles per hour. With a good hit, the puck can reach a height of 50 meters above ground. There are penalties for foul hits. The defending team must first spot the flying puck, then try to intercept it by throwing their catch board into the air before the puck hits the ground. the flexible whip is 260cm long and made of carbon fibre. The puck is made of a synthetic material, and weighs 78g.

At the end of the game the winner is the team with the fewer points. Points are awarded in the field section in which the puck falls. As an example, if a striker hits the 250 meter marker, he scores 15 points toward his opponent, If he hits 300 meters, he then scores 20 points. The outfielders receive penalty points, called “Numeros” for every puck they fail to intercept. The team with the lower number of points wins.

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