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Come on get your feet wet and join in at HIPS Finder LtdWelcome to the HIPS Finder™ Search page.

On this page you can match your selected answers from the 5 simple questions to the relevant activities found in the HIPS™ database or complete a Keyword Search.

A results page will have links through to more information about the activity and additional links to help you find a local club via HIPS ClubFinder™ and to purchase books and equipment as well as the relevant insurance if required.

To get started, answer the 5 questions below via the simple drop down menus or scroll on to do a Keyword Search.

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A Keyword Search will allow you to enter a specific word (not a phrase) and search all of our Activities. For example if you type in MUD into the Keyword Search you will find activites that are associated with mud!

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