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Come on get your feet wet and join in at HIPS Finder LtdThe HIPS Finder leisure database has been under construction since 1993 and went online in 2007. It operates to benefit every community in the UK. HIPSfinder Limited is a family-focused ethical company.


David Westron, Founder and Director

HIPSfinder is brainchild of David Westron who started researching right back in 1993 for HIPSfinder. David has a highly creative and inventive mind complemented by a positive and fun-loving personality. A successful designer of games and puzzles, David is also an inventor and innovator – one of his most successful developments being a Bio-Reducer and Bio-Digester: a farm waste disposal system, low on carbon and high on eco benefits. When David met Darren HIPSfinder.com was born.

Darren Bovis-Coulter, Webmaster and Director

Darren is a successful entrepreneur – running his own web design & hosting business and a custom graphics business. He has also been a Guest Lecturer in Animation at the University of Portsmouth. Darren has no shortage of favourite HIPS of his own: a keen sailor, he is also a sailing instructor and enjoys boatbuilding, motorcycles, and DIY. He also drums in modern Christian rock band ‘The Lifejackets’. He is married with three small children.

HIPSfinder.com is increasingly attracting the attention of local authorities around the UK as a useful source of regularly updated information about leisure in their local areas – which they do not need to manage themselves.

*All HIPS submitted will be entered into the HIPS Database, however not all HIPS will be published. Those that are illegal, offensive or of a sexual nature will not appear as part of the main stream search. HIPS is an ethical and family orientated company and its decision on all matters is final.

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