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Come on get your feet wet and join in at HIPS Finder LtdYou are welcome to contact HIPS Finder Ltd™ with your comments and suggestions, however we cannot guarantee a reply.

Over the last 15 years we have been steadily building our database of HIPS. If you are the national representative of an activity and the information we have needs updating the then HIPS Finder™ would like to hear from you. Please contact us by using the form below.

For all other enquiries please select the relevant department from the drop down list.


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Why do you need to type characters from a vague picture to submit information? We are verifying that a real person — not an automated program submitted the information. Thank you for your patience.

Why not just give me an email address? Rather than displaying our email address for lurking email harvesters, we request that you use this form, thereby aiding our efforts to reduce spam.

What is your privacy policy? We will not sell, lease or otherwise distribute your email address to any third party for any reason not pertaining to your business.

*All HIPS submitted will be entered into the HIPS Database, however not all HIPS will be published. Those that are illegal, offensive or of a sexual nature will not appear as part of the main stream search. HIPS is an ethical and family orientated company and its decision on all matters is final.

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