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Disc Golf sometimes known as Frisbee Golf, is a competitive disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket. The object of the game is to negotiate the course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.

Disc Golf needs large areas of largely open ground for full competitive play. In the USA most courses are located in public parks, in the UK there are serious safety issues preventing this, and therefore restricting the number of courses.

Disc golf can be played by any age, stamina to throw the disc and to complete the course, being the only restriction. As a recreational game it is ideally suited to family and mixed age play.
In competition players are separated by age and stamina.

There is no special ability necessary to play recreational disc golf, other than that of being able to propel a Frisbee. To play competitively takes much practise and the acquisition of skill and technique.

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf and uses many of the same rules, as traditional ball golf. Disc golf is more able to utilize natural objects than ball golf. Encourageing players to play through small holes in tree lines, or around hills or buildings. Having low tree canopies also provides an interesting challenge. A good disc golf hole has multiple lines of approach to reach the basket, encouraging a variety of shots.

Serious players of disc golf will have, as in ball golf a full set of discs, consisting of three basic categories:
(designed to fly straight, predictably, and very slowly).
Mid-range discs
(have slightly sharper edges, which enable them to cut through the air better).
(have the sharpest edge and have most of their mass concentrated on the outer rim of the disc rather than distributed equally throughout. Drivers are the hardest types of discs to learn how to throw).

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the sport requires inexpensive discs instead of costly clubs and balls.
Dicks cost from £10 each.
Catcher baskets cost from around £200.

Level of Demand
The table below shows the maximum levels of demand that this activity requires. NOTE: These are not entry levels or levels of requirement and has nothing to do with ability.

  The level of energy that could be required Energy  
  The level of demand that could be required by your arms Arms  
  The level of demand that could be required by your legs Legs  
  The level of demand that could be required by your sight. Sight  
  The level of demand that could be required by your hearing. Hearing  
  The level of demand that could be required by your speech. Speech  
  The level of demand of Cerebral Learning that could occur as a direct consequence of absorbing factual information. Learning  

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