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Promote your organisation and attract new members, FREE.
(Saturday July 09th, 2011 08:56 AM)

This nationwide initiative will enable more than 500,000 clubs associations and societies that pursue any of the 1100 plus activities depicted on HIPS Finder. To promote their organisation, FREE. The initiative even extends to include all venues offering activity facilities.

By registering, organisations are seen and easily located by the public. Simply by using any of the HIPS Finder lifestyle suitability or post code searches. Displayed club details include; club contacts, the meeting place, regular meeting days and times, location directions and more relevant and useful information.


Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers started in Jersey in 1981 and grew out of a service offered to holiday-makers who wanted to send low-cost, high quality flowers to friends and relatives at home. Today over 750,000 bouquets a year are sent by Flying Flowers to addresses worldwide.






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