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Chaupar is a board game very similar to the Indian game of Pachisi. It is believed that both games were created around the 4th century A.D. The board is made of wool or cloth. Six Cowry shells are used, (as dice may be used in other games).

From Chaupars golden age (16th - 19th centuries) of importance, Chaupar is although popularly played today regarded as a trivial pastime game. A folk game.

Chaupar is more complex than the closely associated game of Pachisi.Chaupar is regarded as the more aristocratic game.

Charkoni, nest square.

Chaupar is a partnership game. In which black and yellow oppose red and green. Movement is decided by throwing of two long dice marked 1-3-4-6; or three dice marked 1-2-5-6. Regular starting points are 6-7-23-24 spaces from the char-koni. Another starting point can be 6-7-9-10 from the centre, and thus at the end of each player's home arm. Captured pieces re-enters from either it's start position or from the charkoni (nest square). An exact throw is required to get home (known as homing).

Chaupar's Golden Age seems to have been during the Mogul Dynasty (1526-1857). There are large boards marked out with inlaid marble and red and white squares on palace courtyards at Allahabad and Agra which served as giant Chaupar boards. The Emperor Akbar I (1542-1605) played Chaupar directing from a central dais. His pawns were sixteen slave-girls from his harem dressed in the traditional four colours of the pieces.

* No value of the dice gains an extra turn.
* There are no safe squares.
* Pawns can only get out of Charkoni from positions 6, 7, 23, 24.
* Pawns can be converted into "super pawns". Which can only be eaten by another super pawn.

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