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Possessing a collection is a hobby that almost every one does or has done. You cannot be told what to start collecting as most collections start by accident. You can collect or hoard anything, and make it into an interesting collection.

Probably the most popular of all hobbies, almost everyone of us has had at least one collection, at some time in our life, however modest it may have been. It would certainly have been the collectors pride and joy.

Collectors can be found anywhere and everywhere, from remote rural areas to the urban inner city. Collectibles can also be found anywhere and very often in the most unexpected places or at an unexpected time. collecting is a world wide activity.

Collecting has no age limits, it is one of the first hobbies taken up by children of both sex. Different colour pebbles sea shells or different types of leaves, collected while out for a walk. More serious collecting can start at any time of life.

High levels of health and fitness are of no advantage in this activity, nor are phisical disabilities any sort of bar. Although the financial ability must always be considered. The main ability that is essential is the ability to spot an opportunity

Collecting can be one of the easiest and least expensive hobbies to pursue, yet it can become one of the most time consuming ,expensive and frustrating obsessions ever imagined, it can be enjoyed by anyone. For children collecting often provides their first taste of commerce, with its own playground language of doubles, swaps and swapsies. Collecting can truly cross the generation gap, with a parent and child or even grandparent and grandchild enjoying equal involvement.

One of the main attractions of collecting is its flexibility, it can take as much or as little time as you can spare, it can be interrupted for long periods , and taken up again when circumstances allow, perhaps with fresh vigour.

Closely Related Activities
Include attending car boot sales, jumble sales and antique and collectors fairs. Maybe the skill of renovating the item of your collection.

Costs can range from absolutely nothing, if collecting what others would consider as waste or if collecting at a novice level. At the other end of the spectrum vast fortunes can be paid for a final or rare piece of a collection, equally collections started at very modest levels, given time or as a comprehensive collection can sometimes become very valuable. collecting is very much the pastime of the opportunist.

Level of Demand
The table below shows the maximum levels of demand that this activity requires. NOTE: These are not entry levels or levels of requirement and has nothing to do with ability.

  The level of energy that could be required Energy  
  The level of demand that could be required by your arms Arms  
  The level of demand that could be required by your legs Legs  
  The level of demand that could be required by your sight. Sight  
  The level of demand that could be required by your hearing. Hearing  
  The level of demand that could be required by your speech. Speech  
  The level of demand of Cerebral Learning that could occur as a direct consequence of absorbing factual information. Learning  

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