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Carom Billiards is played on a pocket-less snooker table. The object of the game is similar to billiards, only points can only be scored by cannoning (caroming) there is no sinking (potting) of the ball. (Simple translation is strike and rebound).

The origin of carom billiards is somewhat obscure but is thought to be traceable to 18th century France, the French having adapted the game from the many carambola type Ancient Asian games. Asia being where Carom is most popularly played today.

Carom billiards is theoretically played on cloth-covered, five by ten foot pocket-less tables, however in Britain there are very few pocket less tables in general use, and so normal snooker tables are used (ignoring the pockets).

Players can play from any age, as long as you can reach the table and can hold a cue, then there is no reason that you cannot play. Realistically, playing on a full-size table generally means you will start playing at around 10-12 years of age.

The joy of the game is that anybody of any ability can play it. It is best to try to find someone of your own ability to make sure that the games are as evenly matched as possible. Many clubs will have matches for beginners.

Carom Billiards is a competitive game, played between two people. The object of most carom games is to score points or counts by caroming off both the opponent's cue ball and the object ball in a single shot. A player continues taking shot, untill failing to get a full carom.

Billiards is all about angles and being able to judge them. As a beginner you should often play for the natural half ball strokes (striking the cue-ball central aiming to the edge of the ball you are striking at) and as you become more experienced you can experiment with side etc. Obviously, it takes a lot of practice to become proficient at the game and even more to be able to master thick edges, thin edges and sides and screwbacks.

There are very few competions for Carom Billiards within the UK.

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