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HIPS Finder Ltd ::: Logo Usage Guidelines

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Come on get your feet wet and join in at HIPS Finder LtdHIPS Finder Ltd™ logo usage guidelines are laid out very clearly on this page. There are a number of versions of our logo and a set of rules that must be observed when it is used, in particular a link must always be clearly presented next to our logo. This must read www.HIPSFinder.com

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The logo will be provided in a variety of sizes and in the following formats only.

  • GIF - for all website and low resolution usage
  • TIFF - for all print based and high resolution media

Please do not convert web based logos to JPG as quality is lost and file sizes are not always smaller. If you cannot see a size which is suitable below please contact us.


Our web safe colours are as follows:

HIPS Finder Ltd ::: Web safe colours

Our Standard Font for design is JS_Futura Condensed with the following formatting: All titles are to be in CAPS, Bold and Tracking of 20% (Photoshop). Please contact us if you are having difficulty locating this font.

Our Standard Web Font is Arial. We have a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) available for use on your website. Please contact us if you are not able to download it from our website, do NOT try hot linking to the CSS file on our website it is strictly prohibited and the action will be disallowed.

For image usage, all images on this website remain the property of HIPS Finder Ltd™, you are welcome to use most images displayed on our website as long as HIPS Finder Ltd™ is clearly identified as the originator and a suitable web link is provided back to this website. You must download the files to your server, hot linking is also strictly prohibited.

Web and Low Resolution Guidelines

The logo is saved in a GIF format and has the correct clear space around it, please do not change the clear space size as shown below:

HIPS Finder Ltd Logo Usgae Guideline - Clear Space

The logo is provided in a transparent background version and a blue background version. The transparent version can be used when the background image or colour contains no red. If red appears in the background in any way then the blue background version must be used, for example:

HIPS Finder Ltd Logo Usgae Guideline - Transparency

 Download Web or Low Resolution GIF
Transparent Background 
Solid Blue Background 

Either click on the image to view it in a new window and save it from there, or Right Click on the link and select 'Save Target As...'

Print and High Resolution Guidelines

This logo is saved in a 300 dpi CMYK TIFF format, it has the correct clear space around it and is provided on a solid background only. Please do not change the clear space size but follow the Clear Space guidelines as shown above.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these files are quite large and should be saved by Right Clicking on the relevant size and selecting 'Save Target As...'

 Download Print or High Resolution TIFF
300 dpi CMYK - height  

How to use the HIPS Finder Ltd banners

We have made it as simple as possible for you to use our banners or links, we currently offer 3 options. A standard size which is 468px x 60px, a smaller animated 125px x 125px link or just a small 125px x 47px static link, if you want a custom made banner or link please contact us.

Placing a link on your website is really easy : Copy and paste the relevant HTML code in the grey box below into your webpage where you want the banner or link to appear. That is all you have to do, this code loads the image and makes all the link for you.

<script src="http://www.hipsfinder.com/banner468.js"></script>

The banner will appear like this:


<script src="http://www.hipsfinder.com/banner125.js"></script>

The link will appear like this:


<script src="http://www.hipsfinder.com/banner125_s.js"></script>

The link will appear like this:


*All HIPS submitted will be entered into the HIPS Database, however not all HIPS will be published. Those that are illegal, offensive or of a sexual nature will not appear as part of the main stream search. HIPS is an ethical and family orientated company and its decision on all matters is final.

HIPS is Labelled with ICRA for family safe browsing  Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid CSS!



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